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Whitelines® – a Pioneer in Environmental
Awareness and Responsibility

Whitelines® believes in transparency

  • Whitelines is one of the first paper vendors in the world, if not the first, to use the CARBON FOOTPRINT * labelling.
  • Whitelines paper comes from Sweden with no C02 emissions from production.
  • Made in Sweden – Local production.
  • Energy production in Sweden, which forms a very low carbon emission mix.
  • Short transportation distances to Whitelines warehouse and only bulk deliveries overseas.

The Carbon Footprint of a Whitelines “Wire A4” notebook for example is 0,36
kg Carbon Dioxide. This is the sum of CO2 emitted from the whole production cycle and transportation
to our warehouse in Växjö, Sweden. The Carbon
Footprint is calculated throuch a LCI (Life Cycle Inventory) carried out by
NEWA in collaboration with the Royal Institute of
Technology in Stockholm. In brief the emissions for our products come from
Forestry – Logging – Transport from the woods to the mill – Paper production –
Print and Post print – Transport to our warehouse.

Each step causes different amount of emissions. We are very proud to present
a paper which itself doesn´t cause any emissions from fossil fuel at all!
Displayed in brief the production of the inlay causes in each step: