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Please make a fold-flat version of your a5 hardcover book.

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I LOVE WHITELINES. I’m a complete convert to your magical product.

But i have one problem, using the a5 hardcover book i awkward, because it just doesn’t fold flat!

please oh please make a fold-flat (similar to moleskines) version of your sketchbooks, it would make them even MORE awesome.

Love whitelines!

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I design smartphone apps and diagram user experiences for a living. Whitelines A4 squared was an excellent addition to my repertoire.  Thank you for making this! 


Shameless plug(may I?): Check out Shopper on iTunes or the BB App World.


Happy new year

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This is Benjamin from Lyon, I wish you a good year: a Whitelines’ year.


I hope everybody are fine. I’m really happy that Whitelines is growing.


Thank for this summer and hope see you soon in Lyon or Stockholm!!



Anton Grandert produces joy for eye

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Our favourite Anton Grandert has a great portfolio we feel we must share with you. Luckily he uses Whitelines a lot 😉 

But, you should also check out all the other stuff as well! Both on Flickr ( ) 
and his own website ).

(Anton is the one who made Whitelines first movie ever, check index page..!)


[drupalimg id=1792 title=Anton Grandert Badklubben desc= link=url url= align=left width=140 height=91]