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Swedish diaries from Whitelines® – a longed for premiere!

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[drupalimg id=1904 title= desc= link=none align=left width=450 height=606]Finally we have made diaries with our smooth lines to guide you through the day. They are Swedish with a 12 month calendar, either vertical or horizontal days, starting from july. Cover design can be choosed from either Anton Granderts lovely illustration or a clean black cover with an orange band. In Swedish stores in July!



Awesome apps for Whitelines paper

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My name is August Schelin, I’m 15 years old and I’m a “trainee” at Whitelines.
I was given the task of finding cool apps that can be used with whitelines. I’ve tried out a number of useful applications that go hand in hand with Whitelines paper and i found two apps which I especially liked; Photogene and Photoforge. These apps leave you with a crisp and clear picture or text that leaves no trace of the lines, perfect for transferring a handwritten or drawn document to your computer.
This is the original picture I edited (taken with my iPhone).

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Editing with Photogene

A simple, yet powerful application that gives you an array of tools to use including, of course, the normal ones like brightness/contrast, levels and saturation. Personally I thought this app was very easy to use and simple but effective.

· Crop/rotate image as you like.
· Edit exposure (see picture)
· Edit contrast (see picture)
· Adjust levels (see picture)

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The result:

[drupalimg id=1885 title= desc= link=none align=left width=167 height=250]

Conclusion: This app was very affordable, at only 15 SEK or $1.99, had a user-friendly interface and good tools. In a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being totally pointless and 10 being totally awesome I’d rate this app with a strong 8,1.


Editing with Photoforge