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Whitelines manifesto: Don’t just do it.

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You entered this world as a creative genius. 
Curious. Playful. Somewhat obstinate.
But over the years society shaped you into an obedient, well-mannered citizen. Your questions became nicer, the decisions safer, and the answers more certain.
     We’re here to reverse the trip.
We want to uncage your imagination. And dare we say, make every single person on this planet one percent more creative. 
Does this sound a bit naive? If not a little overambitious? We agree. Our vision is easy to criticise, ridicule and whisk off. But we feel it’s a small price to pay in order to encourage your independency and nurture your brainchildren.
It’s not an easy task. It’s a never-ending battle.

     Because the world is full to the brim of faceless bureaucrats and greedy bullyboys, waiting to kill your ideas with just a flick of the wrist.
     So whatever you do, don’t just do it. Put your heart and soul into it.

Love it.

Hate it.

Turn it up-side-down.

Turn it inside-out.

Bend it.

Whitelines Limited Edition – released in Sweden

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In collaboration with the Anton Grandert we have made this limited edition with intent to let our manifesto blossom. And – off course – inspire you! 

The three illustrated quotes are:

“The creative person is both more primitive and more cultivated, more destructive, a lot madder and a lot saner, than the average person.”

“I think the world really boils down to two types of people – those who see shapes in cloud formations, and those who just see clouds.”

“To fear love is to fear life and those who fear life are already three part dead.”

In store now!

Observations and an improvement

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I found the whitelines site last year but could buy the products without expensive shipment costs. Last week I found out that sells the products and with the free shipment to the Netherlands I couldn’t wait any longer. I bought the lines A5 hard bound. 

Yes, being Dutch I like the orange color in the Notebook;-)

An improvement would be to add more lines on a page. I normally use the superb notebooks from Ording & Reda which has a much higher density in lines. The Moleskine notebooks also have a perfect lining (but truly inferior paper for use with fountain pens).

However, the paper is good!