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Korea! Korea!

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We are very proud of this representation of Whitelines at the Korean site FunShop. 

The best one…YET!

Check out here

Paper quality

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The MultiCopy paper may possess amazing, extraordinary, fabulous, even incredible environmental performances but it most emphatically doesn’t possess the one essential and decisive feature: as a writing paper it is of an extremely poor quality and therefore useless. Any ink gets soaked through and sees through thus making it impossible to write on the reverse of the page. In this way it is useless for supporting or preserving our ideas and a great disappointment.
As with moleskines – if a little less money was spent on patenting and marketing, and a little more on the paper quality and excellence, you might have had a winner, as the idea wasn’t bad. Sadly it just turned out a gimmick and I doubt whoever buys it once would buy it again!
Unfortunately these days to discover, to find a good quality notebook fit for writing on seems to be a futile task!