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“Hi! This is a short film on how to make your handwritten notes searchable using Whitelines paper and Evernote.

You need a Whitelines notepad, an Evernote account and a pen of course. Then you make your notes, scan, upload the scan to you Evernote account and search!

So, what’s so special with this? Well, dark lines create a visual conflict with the pen and distracts the reader, white lines don’t. Just as your brain the automatic reader and Evernote works better without distractions.

Whitelines made this test to try it out. Four different people wrote the same text from the film Blade Runner on both an ordinary paper and on Whiteliens. All papers were then scanned and uploaded to an Evernote account. As always the lines disappear when you scan a Whitelines paper. Then we started to search the words. For instance; “sounded”. You would find it in two Whitelines notes but no dark lined notes. Next one; “like”. You would find the word “like” in four Whitelines notes but no dark lined. Next one; “creaking”. It shows in three Whitelines notes but no dark lined. “Floor”, again, all four Whitelines but this time also a dark lined.

Evernote search function is great. Together with Whitelines it’s super!”

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