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Whitelines Link NEW UPDATE

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Whitelines Link update screendumps

Today you can update your Whitelines Link® app! We have made it compatible with iPhone5, made it possible to share on Facebook and Twitter, better scan quality, and, and… Just to update and go for it! (Please share your thoughts with us, we always love to hear from you.) Update

From paper to vector in less than 3 minutes

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In our “How to..” series we want to add this cool feature; vectorizing. Maybe you want to make a beautiful invitation for a party, or maybe you are a professional working with a new design by hand? Either way, to use Whitelines Link will make life easier. Tools for vectorizing: a pen, Whitelines Link Paper, iPhone,… Read more »

Always find your way back to your ideas

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“Hi! This is a short film on how to make your handwritten notes searchable using Whitelines paper and Evernote. You need a Whitelines notepad, an Evernote account and a pen of course. Then you make your notes, scan, upload the scan to you Evernote account and search! So, what’s so special with this? Well, dark… Read more »

Sneak peek of Whitelines Cloth/Tyg/Tuch/Tissu books

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WL189 HBCGA4L_surface2_web

It may come as a surprise but Whitelines® has produced something that looks like a classic. With hard cover and linen cloth this book looks similar to many others on the outside but differ of course on the inside. Whitelines® Hard Bound Cloth books comes with orange and gray covers, with orange marker ribbons and in… Read more »

Interview with the founder Olof Hansson

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“Some people actually get upset by that fact” What is Whitelines? – Whitelines is a lot! A life investment, a set of values, a company and of course our products. What is your background? Are you an art director? Or industrial designer? – No, I used to work as a musician and had idea generation as a… Read more »

All people has a story to tell

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Just like Whitelines, an iPad magazine called “K Composite Magazine” believes that all people have ideas and a story to tell. The magazine investigates the lives of unknown individuals with the same detailed attention, modern design and photography that is typically reserved for celebrities. A very beautiful and democratic idea. Free download in App Store…. Read more »

New account manager to Whitelines for B2B sales

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Welcome to Whitelines Dave! You have been working here for 4 weeks now, how do you feel about that? It feels very good and positive. A great group to work with and an exciting and challenging job where things happen all the time! Paper with white lines is a very simlpe innovation, is it easy… Read more »