The Best Sketchbook for Graphic Designers

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I wrote a whole post about Whitelines. I’ve carried sketchbooks around for 15 years…this is my favorite one by far, and is great for graphic designers!

I like the Wire-bound A5

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  1. Olof

    Hi Karikdesign!
    Your mention and writing about us in august got us almost embarrased and we have had difficult to find out how to respond to that. Of course we were super happy that you like our stuff so much and at the same time we don´t want to brag or “use” it too much. We think that you people on the blogs in the real world must be left alone with minimal interference from us to be free and honest and so that other readers don´t think we had anything to do with it. Now it has been two months, that should be enough, so, Thank you! We were delighted and very happy from your writing. 





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