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3 hole punched orange glue?

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I recently found your product and love it!

Are there plans for a 3 hole punched orange glue pad such that it would fit into a binder?  I use “engineering computation paper” en masse and would love to switch over entirely, but being “pre punched” is a major factor.

Keep up the great work!

Notebook by Whitelines®

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I got my notebook as a christmas present and i’ve used it everyday at work sence! Keep up this lovley idea and have a successful yeah of 2011!

Simply the best notebook I’ve ever used

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I love these notebooks!!! I take my physics notes on these. I would love it if you guys came out with a hard wire with 200 sheets in A4 or A5 that way I can keep my notes in one notebook.


Great work!

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Taking notes on a lecture, scribbling text or drawing doodles, everything that has to do with paper and pens have never been easier! Thank you for a really great product guys!


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Hi, I’m a maths PhD student, and I noticed a Whitelines pad lying on a desk near to mine today. As soon as I saw it I knew that I had to get this product. I haven’t even bought one yet, and I already know it’ll change how I work, the idea is that good! Luckily I’m in central London so there are plenty of stockists nearby, so I’ll get one tomorrow. Thanks for coming up with such a great product.

Yours excitedly,

Do the spiral-bound notebooks have built in dividers?

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I recently discovered your products and was interested in purchasing a few of your notebooks, but I had a few questions first.

Do the spiral-bound notebooks have built in dividers? I’m a student and I like to put several subjects in one notebook, but I wasn’t sure if your notebooks had the built-in dividers or not.

Also, what’s the difference between Wire and Hard Wire? I’m trying to decide between purchasing the 160 pages or the 200 pages spiral-bound notebooks and noticed that one said Wire and the other said Hard Wire.

Thanks for creating such an amazing product!

Top Bound Pocket Squared Notebook

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Unless I missed something I think you should definately offer a perfect bound or wire bound notebook that is bound at the top in the pocket size.  A flexible cover would also be nice.  This would be my ULTIMATE notebook.

Question about your A5 squared wire notebook

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I’m a big fan of your products, since I first came across them, I use
them constantly at my work and also as gifts to friends!

But recently I ordered a few A5 squared wire notebooks from Amazon, andwhen I got them I noticed that the sheets of paper were NOT perforated, soI could not detach them from the pad without all the torn little bits of paperaround the wire hanging on. In all past A5 wire notebooks of yours that I have owned the pages were perforated and I could easily tear out pages and distribute them or file them elsewhere in a much more clean and tidy manner.

Was that a “faulty” batch, or are you not perforating them any more. Or arethere 2 versions, and I didn’t notice?

I would appreciate you letting me know as I am about to order a few more, and I would definitely want the perforated ones, the other ones don’t really work that well for me as I usually want to tear some pages out and file them elsewhere.

Thank you and best regards,



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Hello – 

Love the whitelines products. I had bought a number of wire notebooks and really liked how of them had pre-perforated (is that the word?) that made it very easy to tear out the pages. However, when I got another batch of notebooks recently they were no longer perforated – has whiteline stopped perforating the wire notebooks?