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Does anyone know if the hard bound or perfect bound Whitelines lay flat?

Also, are the wires on the Hard Wire made out of the same material as the regular Wire or are they more sturdy?

I have the Wire notebook right now and I love it but I would like something a little bit sturdier ^_^.



I love Whitelines.

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My friend recommended this notebook to me so I bought one from Hobby Lobby. When I finished sketching and scanned in my illustration I was amazed and a believer. I will be using Whitelines as my sketch book for designing from now on.

Love your product!

Observations and an improvement

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I found the whitelines site last year but could buy the products without expensive shipment costs. Last week I found out that sells the products and with the free shipment to the Netherlands I couldn’t wait any longer. I bought the lines A5 hard bound. 

Yes, being Dutch I like the orange color in the Notebook;-)

An improvement would be to add more lines on a page. I normally use the superb notebooks from Ording & Reda which has a much higher density in lines. The Moleskine notebooks also have a perfect lining (but truly inferior paper for use with fountain pens).

However, the paper is good!




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Hi Whitelines!!

I found whitelines paper in Paperchase and I really like looks really swanky and it is much easier on my eyes!! I am a student and will be for some time, and I would really REALLY love some whitelines file paper!! Like a pad of a4 with a margin and hole punched. I would use it all the time, and I am sure many other people would, expecially if they are stationary geeks 😛

Please make some for us students!!!!!



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Love these notebooks-I use the hard bound as a journal.  Just a suggestion-I saw in the custom items that one of them had an elastic band closure, like Moleskine.  I think it would be great if the regular notebooks had elastic bands.

Filofax paper?

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I’m using a snazzy Filofax-style book for my notes, and would love to fill it with Whitelines paper. Are you planning anything like loose sheets, 95x170mm, with six prepunched holes?

Swedish innovation

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Saw that the phrase “swedish innovation” was on the product to describe your company. I got happy when I saw that, we need more of that here. Good job with the products!

Ideas for improvement (from a student)

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Hi there to all you guys at Whitelines


I just recently discovered you products, and while I really like the basic idea, I have some ideas for improvement – that would make your products my favourites for a lot of uses.

So, what are my needs? First and foremost I am a student. I prefer taking notes on paper rather than on a computer, and I take a lot of notes. I would really like to use your products for this, especially your A4 Wire notebook – but just as I need to take notes, I also need to file and organize them afterwards. And unfortunately, it is a bit of a pain to remove sheets from the Wire notebooks and put them in a ring binder. I have seen other notebooks with sheets that are perforated to make it easier to tear them from the notebook and file them. That would be great in your Wire notebooks! Another thing that would be really helpful for filing and organizing is if the sheets came pre-punched, so that I did not have to punch holes in them myself (when filing a lot of papers this is a pain to do). And if some people would like to tear the sheet from the notebook but don’t want the pre-punched holes, you could make a double-perforation like in this notebook.

With these two small additions/tweaks, I am almost certain that your A4 Wire notebooks would become my favourite medium for note-taking. In fact, I think that a lot of people could use these additions – but of course I can’t be sure. Another thing to consider could maybe be some sort of margin in the left? But I don’t know if that is too student-oriented, or if it would detract from the simplicity. Perhaps you could make a version of the Wire as it is now, and a “student”-version with perforation, holes and a margin?

Whitelines goes social

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If you want even more interactivity you can use the new buttons on the index site. Let´s go social!

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