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Adam sends us a greeting

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Kids are the best advocates. Instant understanding…

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Paper quality

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The MultiCopy paper may possess amazing, extraordinary, fabulous, even incredible environmental performances but it most emphatically doesn’t possess the one essential and decisive feature: as a writing paper it is of an extremely poor quality and therefore useless. Any ink gets soaked through and sees through thus making it impossible to write on the reverse of the page. In this way it is useless for supporting or preserving our ideas and a great disappointment.
As with moleskines – if a little less money was spent on patenting and marketing, and a little more on the paper quality and excellence, you might have had a winner, as the idea wasn’t bad. Sadly it just turned out a gimmick and I doubt whoever buys it once would buy it again!
Unfortunately these days to discover, to find a good quality notebook fit for writing on seems to be a futile task!

A human being

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I saw these at a trade show in Los Angeles. They had no samples left but I took a card. It’s a brilliant product and I will be ordering some squared from Amazon.

My complaints are that it’s very difficult to tell clearly about the bindings. The Orange glue is on the top or side but which sizes?

Still can’t tell what “hardbound” is from photographs or descriptions.

Please make a US paper size (8.5X11) so we can use your product in our files, notebooks and folders. It is very frustrating for our country to have tattered and ragged A4 paper always sticking out everywhere.

Please make a fold-flat version of your a5 hardcover book.

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I LOVE WHITELINES. I’m a complete convert to your magical product.

But i have one problem, using the a5 hardcover book i awkward, because it just doesn’t fold flat!

please oh please make a fold-flat (similar to moleskines) version of your sketchbooks, it would make them even MORE awesome.

Love whitelines!

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I design smartphone apps and diagram user experiences for a living. Whitelines A4 squared was an excellent addition to my repertoire.  Thank you for making this! 


Shameless plug(may I?): Check out Shopper on iTunes or the BB App World.


Happy new year

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This is Benjamin from Lyon, I wish you a good year: a Whitelines’ year.


I hope everybody are fine. I’m really happy that Whitelines is growing.


Thank for this summer and hope see you soon in Lyon or Stockholm!!



Anton Grandert produces joy for eye

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Our favourite Anton Grandert has a great portfolio we feel we must share with you. Luckily he uses Whitelines a lot 😉 

But, you should also check out all the other stuff as well! Both on Flickr ( ) 
and his own website ).

(Anton is the one who made Whitelines first movie ever, check index page..!)


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Where can a buy it?

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Wow.. these are great. But how do I get them?

Live in the UK, so I don’t think popping into your office is going to work.