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Whitelines adjust to the student wallet

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Different users have different needs. We asked our beloved students what they thought we could do to improve. Two things came out: Price and number of sheets. We took that challenge and have now been able to lower the price on our Wire products! A thing which indeed was more doable as we at the same time decreased the number of sheets from 80 to 70. (Or from 160 pages to 140 pages if you wish.)
It´s more relevant to buy the number of sheets you need than ten extra for no use..!

Good one!

Happy New Decade!

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Let the new decade become a time when we all share love and ideas for the future together. If we could say we now have defined situations which are urgent maybe it´s time to seriously start to solve them?

We can all do it – contribute with good ideas for a sustainable sharing of the world! 



Whitelines family is growing

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With new fresh ideas Angelie and Uffe joins our team in Växjö, Sweden.

We’re all doing the wave, both with hands and body.

Welcome to Whitelines!

Whitelines in Denmark store

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If you walk in Copenhagen and want to but a Whitelines pad you should step into “Boghallen”! ( They are the first retail store in Denmark selling Whitelines.

(You can also buy Whitelnes on Internet from the danish sites and )

Whitelines for students in Norway!

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Whitelines welcomes a new partner in Norway! 

The expansion within high quality bookstores continues in Scandinavia through den Norwegian Student bookstore chain Akademika and Unipa from the same organisation.



Reseller list

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Today we have a premiere on the site!

Where to buy” help you find a reseller near you..(hopefully).


All the best!


Whitelines now on

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Whitelines is delighted to announce that online specialist in gorgeous stationery, Papernation, is now selling Whitelines notepads across the UK from

Annette Sharp of Papernation said ‘Whitelines notebooks and pads are a great addition to our product range. We love their smart, clean looks and Swedish chic, as well as the fact that they’re so different from everything else on the market. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and Whitelines has come up with a genuinely good idea that really does make a difference to how people work and play on paper. Impeccable eco credentials also help Whitelines to stand out from the pack.’

She added: ‘On a personal note, whilst I’m not the best artist, I do love doodling and the Whitelines squared paper does really help’

Perhaps we’ll see some of Annette’s doodles in the Love Forum!

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Whitelines Guide auf Deutsch

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Unser Katalog ist jetzt auf Deutsch! Sie können den Katalog unten downloaden, in niedrigen oder hohen Definition.

Greets Whitelines!

Ps. If you rather want the english version, see previous post. DS.

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