Do the spiral-bound notebooks have built in dividers?

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I recently discovered your products and was interested in purchasing a few of your notebooks, but I had a few questions first.

Do the spiral-bound notebooks have built in dividers? I’m a student and I like to put several subjects in one notebook, but I wasn’t sure if your notebooks had the built-in dividers or not.

Also, what’s the difference between Wire and Hard Wire? I’m trying to decide between purchasing the 160 pages or the 200 pages spiral-bound notebooks and noticed that one said Wire and the other said Hard Wire.

Thanks for creating such an amazing product!

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  1. Anonymous

    Hello Bree! Thank you so much for your nice words. 

    We have actually just made a product which we test sell in only one store in Stockholm (NK Papper) with built in dividers! Hopefully it will be ready for a larger audience next year, but we cannot say when yet unfortunately.

    The difference between Wire and Hard Wire is the cover and the number of sheets. Wire uses a soft cover while Hard Wire refer to the cover which is hard like a book, still with a Wire-O binding though.

    Again, thank you for sharing, and thank you for asking. And not the least, have a great day!

    All the best,


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