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Hi there to all you guys at Whitelines


I just recently discovered you products, and while I really like the basic idea, I have some ideas for improvement – that would make your products my favourites for a lot of uses.

So, what are my needs? First and foremost I am a student. I prefer taking notes on paper rather than on a computer, and I take a lot of notes. I would really like to use your products for this, especially your A4 Wire notebook – but just as I need to take notes, I also need to file and organize them afterwards. And unfortunately, it is a bit of a pain to remove sheets from the Wire notebooks and put them in a ring binder. I have seen other notebooks with sheets that are perforated to make it easier to tear them from the notebook and file them. That would be great in your Wire notebooks! Another thing that would be really helpful for filing and organizing is if the sheets came pre-punched, so that I did not have to punch holes in them myself (when filing a lot of papers this is a pain to do). And if some people would like to tear the sheet from the notebook but don’t want the pre-punched holes, you could make a double-perforation like in this notebook.

With these two small additions/tweaks, I am almost certain that your A4 Wire notebooks would become my favourite medium for note-taking. In fact, I think that a lot of people could use these additions – but of course I can’t be sure. Another thing to consider could maybe be some sort of margin in the left? But I don’t know if that is too student-oriented, or if it would detract from the simplicity. Perhaps you could make a version of the Wire as it is now, and a “student”-version with perforation, holes and a margin?

I also write prose, and for a long time I have used moleskines for all my thoughts and notes related to this. I bought an A5 Wire notebook to test your paper and I quite like. I have written a few poems and the first half of a short story in it so far, and also use it for lists and other things I would normally use a notebook for. I don’t know if it will replace my moleskine though, as I think i prefer completely plain paper for this kind of stuff. But then again, the reason I have preferred plain paper until now was that I found the lines distracting.

In any case – I would love to use your A4 Wire notebooks for all my note-taking and longer writing sessions; however, I am afraid that the missing perforation and holes keeps me from it so far. I hope you will consider these small addtions/tweaks.




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  1. Rai

    Totally agree with you Simon! As a fellow student think we need something from Whitelines to use in ring binders :)



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