You who draw professionally, write for a living, think best on paper, or is an ambitious student, an unstoppable creative or just a file fan… Here are posted inspiring tips and tricks. Simply connect your sketchpad and your smart phone!

#1 – Meeting minutes

Where you are the one taking the meeting minutes, then simply capture, save and share them within minutes too!

#2 – Child drawings

Where you are free to capture and keep any little stroke produced by your child, all of them if you like, and for all times…

#3 – Collaboration

Where you experience the total freedom of working–where–you-happen–be, conveniently collaborating with your colleague at the office.

#4 – Shopping list

Where you jot down the grocery-shopping list, quickly capture and mail it to your forgetful darling, waiting in the store.

#5 – Whiteboard animation

Where you as a professional illustrator capture, import and vectorise your creations faster, easier and with a higher quality than before.

#6 – Stop Motion Animation

Where you enjoy the total bliss of creating a stop–motion–animation, for professional needs, for a school presentation or simply for play!