The partnership between Leuchtturm1917 + Whitelines Link is finally here

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We are happy and proud to announce that the esteemed brand Leuchtturm1917 has chosen to incorporate Whitelines Link into its Notebook range.  This is the first of what we hope, many License cooperations. We want everyone to be able to find their own  favourite product with Whitelines Link functionality. The easy  and hi-quality way to connect your analog notes with your digital devices.

Whitelines Link is  available for a number of communicative surfaces – whiteboards, tablets, Power points, Post-its, in professional and private contexts. And we are very enthusiastic about Whitelines future development.

Leuchtturm1917+Whitelines Link products will hit the stores within the following weeks

Whitelines Link free PowerPoint template

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A free PowerPoint-template with Link functionality! Our friends Belin Stenbeck AB helped us make it. It´s really cool and have various functions you might like. Sometimes you are actually able to capture the slide from the wall or big screen, and sometimes you might prefer to use hand-outs which you also can Link! On the handouts you can Link both the full page and also the small slide-pictures (!) , except for the smallest “9-slides/page” which  are too small for the camera.

The template is free to download and use. Just click the link; >> Whitelines Link PowerPoint template>>

It would be super if you would like to share your thoughts with us.

Let´s go Link stuff!



We’re sorry Diary Fans

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Since we decided to go all in for Whitelines Link we have just not found the resources to make a 2014 Whitelines Diary.The decision is not really long term, but we do not manage to get it out for you  the year 2014.

We proudly presents Spotify

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One of the first to get attracted by Whitelines Link concept  and to understand the value of adding a smart way to digitizing notes are Spotify. The cool music streamingservice recently chose to use Whitelines Link when producing their own branded notebooks.  We brag of course. But only because we’re so proud!


Whitelines Link continues to get (good) reviews

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We are happy to be reviewed. We encourage individuals, media and companies of all

kinds to compare
us with competing  technologies and papercompanies. It is easy of course to have that standpoint when we receive such  good words on Whitelines Link, but the bad ones are good too.  They help us to develop further and this is not only  just what we say…

Check in all reviews we have received since september. The latest two  from Sound of Style ( in english) and 99mac (swedish)