Do you want to become a Megasuperhero?

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And be the owner of a rare Whitelines Link notebook?  We are making an exclusive 200 notebooks in order

to support our development project #link4android. The notebook is wirebound has covers with hard graphite black paper and the text I made it happen on the front.

On the inside is where the exciting happens – Your name  will be imprinted together with the ones that decides to support this adventure.

Just go to our special crowdfunding site, Indiegogo,  and  you will become a   happy owner >>

Name: I made it happen
Inlay size: A5 (148 x 210 mm)
Inlay: Squared ( 5mm between squares)
Cover: Hard graphite black paper
Paper: 90g
Sheets: 70
Product weight: 300 g
Product size (inc. wire): 160 x 212 x 12 mm


Make it happen! Make the Whitelines Link available for Android

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Make the Whitelines Link go AndroidWhitelines Link is a happy combo of physical and digital notes. You could call it a clever scanner-app that in combination with Whitelines Link paper makes it super easy to capture, save and share your notes. The application is free and aready available  for iPhone but we want it to be availble for everyone. This is why we need to develop the app for Android.

With a little help from our friends

Our ambition is to get the Whitelines Link for Android on the market by this summer.  This is why we are reaching out to you and starting a crowdfunding project.

Since today we have a campaign site on Indiegogo. We ask you to have a look. Hopefully you will find  a perk that you think is attractive, but  if your only contribution is to share  the site we will be  cheering that too. In fact, we will be that happy, we will step outside for each contribution or  share (that we can track) and  shout  ”thank you”.

If we by chance would surpass our fundinglevel, the means will be dedicated to further development of the free Whitelines Link app. To new platforms, adding more functionality, meet more ideas, adapt it  to new situations, or… you get it, we have the ideas. Just not the cash.

Whitelines Link NEW UPDATE

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Today you can update your Whitelines Link® app! We have made it compatible with iPhone5, made it possible to share on Facebook and Twitter, better scan quality, and, and… Just to update and go for it!

(Please share your thoughts with us, we always love to hear from you.)

Update quick weight lossitelines-link/id552914549?mt=8″>here!


Review: Moleskine Smart Notebook vs Whitelines Link (by Tap! Magazine)

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So, what’s better: a digital notebook or a real notebook? Actually, it’s neither; it’s a real notebook you can easily digitise

The iPad is a great notebook for sketching and scribbling down ideas, so long as you add the right app. Tap!’s favourite is Noteshelf, which feels great, lets you create custom paper templates and has lots of clever features that help it behave in a way that’s similar to – if not better than – a paper notebook. But just because we love the iPad doesn’t mean we don’t also love the tactile pleasure of a good real notebook, and happily, with these two here, you can blur the line between physical and virtual; both pair with an app to let you digitise pages.

The notebook on the left above is the result of a collaboration between Evernote, the company that makes the organisation platform many swear by, and Moleskine, which makes a wide range of hard-backed  notebooks beloved of artists, writers and hipsters. The notebook itself is predictably lovely, since it’s just a standard Moleskine with a pretty, organisation-y design debossed onto the front cover.

Snap a page with the Evernote app, and it’s uploaded to your Evernote database, ready to be filed, tagged, shared and so on. Evernote can even read your handwriting, making it possible to search your handwritten notes. Well, we can’t guarantee it can read your handwriting, but it coped well with ours during testing.

You get a code in the back of the book for a three-month membership to Evernote Premium (worth £12), which, among other things, increases the monthly amount you can upload to 1GB and lets you take notebooks offline – great for travelling.All that’s fine as far as it goes. But the Whitelines system is much smarter – and you can upload straight to Evernote from its app too, so you can still take advantage of handwriting detection and so on. It’s clever for two reaso

ns. One is the ‘whitelines’ idea; rather than having a white page with lines printed in black, Whitelines pages are printed so that it appears like there are white lines drawn on a light grey page. This makes your writing and drawing really stand out, is restful to look at and means written characters, say, are more distinguishable from the background – which also means OCR (optical character recognition) systems can understand them better.

The other reason is smarter still. The LINK notebooks can sense where the page is. So, even if you’re photographing in a rush, it can snap it to being perfectly straight. What’s more, it automatically removes the background so all you get is your notes and drawings on a clean white background. And it does all that quickly and automatically – it even presses the shutter automatically when you hover over a page and it senses a good lock. The app itself is much less rich than Evernote, but offers basic sorting and sharing. Sadly the only Whitelines products currently LINK enabled are squared and lined A4 and A5 soft-cover wire-bound ones.

Evernote Smart Notebook is so much less clever than the Whitelines system that, even though its products are much harder to find and limited to paper-backed notebooks, we’re now committed Whitelines fans.


Tap! Verdict

Evernote Smart Notebook
“The notebook is as nice as any Moleskine, but despite clever OCR, the app doesn’t add much.”

Whitelines LINK
“The automatically sensed, de-skewed and cleaned up page scans are really clever.”


See the article here!


From paper to vector in less than 3 minutes

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In our “How to..” series we want to add this cool feature; vectorizing. Maybe you want to make a beautiful invitation for a party, or maybe you are a professional working with a new design by hand? Either way, to use Whitelines Link will make life easier.

Tools for vectorizing: a pen, Whitelines Link Paper, iPhone, Whitelines Link App, computer and Adobe Illustrator.

How to Vectorize sketches from Whitelines Paper on Vimeo.

Whitelines® Link – launch!

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About two years ago Olof Hansson, the inventor and co-founder of Whitelines, came up with an idea on how to use the Whitelines concept to make a super user friendly link between the analog world to the digital. Since then the whole company has worked towards the goal to support your ideas also in the digital world.  And today it has finally happend, Whitelines® Link is now launched!

Read more about Whitelines Link, download (free) app and feel free to try it out!

Print free paper!

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Today we launch the Print Paper service. It´s free of use and you can use it in many ways. Maybe you want to try the Whitelines® Link concept but don´t have papers handy to try out. Maybe you need to fill the gap between two pads or maybe you want to print out Whitelines® Link papers for the participants on a meeting? However you use it we hope you like it.

Note! The quality will differ from printer to printer. You may need to adjust printer settings and you might not be able to use the full A4 page due to printer standard, but it usually works fine to use!

Always find your way back to your ideas

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“Hi! This is a short film on how to make your handwritten notes searchable using Whitelines paper and Evernote.

You need a Whitelines notepad, an Evernote account and a pen of course. Then you make your notes, scan, upload the scan to you Evernote account and search!

So, what’s so special with this? Well, dark lines create a visual conflict with the pen and distracts the reader, white lines don’t. Just as your brain the automatic reader and Evernote works better without distractions.

Whitelines made this test to try it out. Four different people wrote the same text from the film Blade Runner on both an ordinary paper and on Whiteliens. All papers were then scanned and uploaded to an Evernote account. As always the lines disappear when you scan a Whitelines paper. Then we started to search the words. For instance; “sounded”. You would find it in two Whitelines notes but no dark lined notes. Next one; “like”. You would find the word “like” in four Whitelines notes but no dark lined. Next one; “creaking”. It shows in three Whitelines notes but no dark lined. “Floor”, again, all four Whitelines but this time also a dark lined.

Evernote search function is great. Together with Whitelines it’s super!”