“Are you an ‘eco-company’?”

We are not an ‘eco-company’ and have never looked at ourselves as ‘eco’. We just do what we think all companies­ should do: take all possible responsibility 
for the environment. Just that simple.

We talk about the life of the planet here and it’s of course a no-brainer, we must all strive to eliminate the harm we cause! This statement shouldn’t be considered specifically ‘eco’ but just common sense.

As some of you already know we were among the first, if not the very first paper company in the world to mark all our products with a Carbon Footprint label and later on also with Zero Carbon Footprint. 
We can’t do that now. Right now we are in a sourcing situation where we don’t have all data for the Life Cycle Analysis which is the foundation­ for a Carbon Footprint label. And as we don’t want to claim taking responsibility for something­ we can’t guarantee we will instead focus on other actions.­

Whitelines® will continue for the time being to use a Swedish totally Carbon Free Paper in most of our products.­ (This means a paper where no Carbon Dioxide­ from fossil fuels is being emitted during production, a very good thing actually). No one would be happier than we if other companies would be comparable with us in terms of taking this responsibility. Imagine if we all make the resposibility for the environment an essential.

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