New grids from Whitelines@ LAB

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Whitelines® Lab is a place where we are playing and experimenting with new ideas and concepts towards our goal to profoundly develop the use of pen and paper.

In Whitelines® Lab you will sometimes find crazy and never before seen ideas alongside practical grid papers and also more conventional inlays transformed into the Whitelines® way. Whitelines® Lab is also a place where we hope to meet you, your thoughts and your ideas!

The first products released under the wings of Whitelines LAB is:

Corner Perspective Grid
Tunnel Perspective Grid
16 Column Grid
24 Column Grid

Please let us know what you think about our Whitelines® Lab-products and we would very much like to hear your ideas of improvements or why not – a radical new concept that we could try in the Lab? It could be that your idea ends up being the next big thing in the Whitelines® family. Of course we want that to happen only if you are happy with it! Just send us an e-mail at if you want to connect, or find us at Twitter or Facebook.

There are 300 limited copies of the 4 first products avaliable in Whitelines Shop right now. (The following 4; Dot grid, Tablet App Grid, Phone App Grid and Vertizontal will come soon soon)



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