Orange Glue Big Squared White

Name: WL09
Inlay size: A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Inlay: Squared
Glue: Orange
Paper: 80g
Sheets: 300
Product weight: 1475 g

Product size (inc. wire): 210 x 297 x 33 mm
Product ISBN: 978-91-86177-09-6
Pieces per shrink wrap: 1 pcs
Carton quantity: 10 pcs
CO2 neutral paper: Yes

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  1. Paul

    what are the dimensions of the individual squares. I’m in the US and I’m looking for 4 squares per inch. Since you are in Europe, I know it’s a long shot.


    • Anna

      Thank’s for asking Paul!
      The squares are in 5×5 mm in most of our products.
      We will soon launch a product with 3×3 mm.
      Unfortunatley for you… :-(

  2. Rafe

    I am looking for something larger, like A3, or “folio” (11″x17″) with squares, completely loose, or minimally bound. Could such a thing be in the works?


    • Johanna

      Hwllo, Firstly apologies for the late reply. Unfortunately this is not the first on our R&D list. It is on however….

      Best Whitelines Team

  3. Davide

    Hi, is tris product supposed to have sheets removed and filed in one of those binder with metal rings? The type of binder which accept plastic envelopes with holes on the side?

    In other words, do the sheets have holes on the side, so that I can put them in those binder?

    I hope I made myself clear, English as a second language…


    • Anna

      Hi Davide!
      This product is A4 sheets glued together at the top. Easy to tear off. The sheets does NOT come with any holes, but you can off-course do holes yourself!
      I hope I answered your question?

      Best Regards,
      Anna @ Whitelines

  4. Claudio

    Hi there,
    i´m desperately searching for ORANGE GLUE BIG SQUARED WHITE.
    I´m located in Berlin/Germany. Seems like no retailer in whole Germany has it. Neither able to order it via a online shop. Seems like it is discontinued. Can anybody help?

    • Johanna

      We are so sorry. The product is discontinued…

  5. Camilla


    I’m wondering if you plan to sell these A4 blocks of grid paper in your online shop? I love your grid paper, because of its high quality and because of its versatility. It isn’t restricting like other papers can be, and it works with fountain pens. The thing is that I’m a filofax user (personal size), and need some of your grid paper in a true A4 format without the annoying logotype so I can cut my own inserts for private use out of it. It is just such a lovely paper that I don’t really want to use anything else for writing and drawing on.

    With best regards,

    Camilla Sanver

    • Johanna

      Unfortunately we have discontinued this line. We have the lined version still. We apologize!

  6. Jeff

    Hello, any chance you will be bringing this product back? There seems to be a demand. In fact, I’ve found quite a following online for this item. I would love to see it return.

  7. Nate

    Please bring this back. We all need this in our lives! Best paper pad on earth!? Come on!!


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