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Does anyone know if the hard bound or perfect bound Whitelines lay flat?

Also, are the wires on the Hard Wire made out of the same material as the regular Wire or are they more sturdy?

I have the Wire notebook right now and I love it but I would like something a little bit sturdier ^_^.



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  1. Olof

    Hi Seth! The Hard Bound doesn´t really lay flat, you can think of it more as an ordinary hard back book. The Percect bound is better in laying flat but is not a laying flat champ either to be honest. We are trying some new kind of bindings (Flexo bind) which might be better in laying flat. We cannot yet say if, how and when though. 

    The Hard Wire is wider and more sturdy than Wire, even though “Hard” in the name refer to the cover which is hard.

    All best!


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