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Print free paper!

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Print paper service

Today we launch the Print Paper service. It´s free of use and you can use it in many ways. Maybe you want to try the Whitelines® Link concept but don´t have papers handy to try out. Maybe you need to fill the gap between two pads or maybe you want to print out Whitelines® Link papers for… Read more »

Paper quality

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The MultiCopy paper may possess amazing, extraordinary, fabulous, even incredible environmental performances but it most emphatically doesn’t possess the one essential and decisive feature: as a writing paper it is of an extremely poor quality and therefore useless. Any ink gets soaked through and sees through thus making it impossible to write on the reverse of the page. In this way it is useless for supporting or preserving our ideas and a great disappointment.
As with moleskines – if a little less money was spent on patenting and marketing, and a little more on the paper quality and excellence, you might have had a winner, as the idea wasn’t bad. Sadly it just turned out a gimmick and I doubt whoever buys it once would buy it again!
Unfortunately these days to discover, to find a good quality notebook fit for writing on seems to be a futile task!

Whitelines now on

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Whitelines is delighted to announce that online specialist in gorgeous stationery, Papernation, is now selling Whitelines notepads across the UK from

Annette Sharp of Papernation said ‘Whitelines notebooks and pads are a great addition to our product range. We love their smart, clean looks and Swedish chic, as well as the fact that they’re so different from everything else on the market. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and Whitelines has come up with a genuinely good idea that really does make a difference to how people work and play on paper. Impeccable eco credentials also help Whitelines to stand out from the pack.’

She added: ‘On a personal note, whilst I’m not the best artist, I do love doodling and the Whitelines squared paper does really help’

Perhaps we’ll see some of Annette’s doodles in the Love Forum!

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Whitelines at 100 percent Design in London – competition

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Meet Whitelines at the 100% Design Fair in London, 24-27 September!

Together with leading design magazine Blueprint and event/project team Claystation we present a four-day interactive event: Decorate and build a chair from paper, and enter our competition to win a full-scale version!

Visitors are invited to create their own chairs from a template included in the October issue of the Blueprint magazine.

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The template of the One-Piece-Chair is printed on Whitelines paper, which creates a surface that has no glare and, more importantly can be scanned, faxed and copied without the lines interfering with the drawing.

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Raw Food Day

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[drupalimg id=213 title=Whitelines goes Rawfood desc= link=node align=left width=464 height=258]Whitelines strategy & Raw Food Day 11th of August;

only raw food on the menu!

Whitelines welcomes new Sales Partner in the UK

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Vertigo Communications will act as Whitelines local sales and distribution partner in the UK.
-We’re thrilled to be a part of the movement, and embrace the challenge of changing the way people look at writing and reading, says Jenny Boyce of Vertigo Communications.

– We’re really happy to be working with Vertigo, and consider the UK market a key in our international roll-out, says Whitelines VP of Sales, Björn Norberg.

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   Contact: jenny.boyce[at] or bjorn.norberg[at]

Whitelines welcomes new Sales Partner in BeNeLux

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Whitelines forms partnership with leading diary manufacturer Brepols (, to cover the BeNeLux region.

–    We’re glad to introduce this crisp brand on the market, and have very high expectations as Whitelines is both a design-, functionality and environmental leader, says Product Manager Kris Zels at Brepols.

Brepols has a strong position in the region, and is a also a large manufacturer of diaries and several own ranges of stationery. Brepols also holds the agency for Moleskine in BeNeLux and France.

Whitelines® appoints new Country Manager for France

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Whitelines appoints Corentin de Tregomain as Country Manager for France.
M de Tregomain, based in Sweden, will initiate sales in France and establish the Whitelines brand in the “Hexagon”.

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