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Sneak peek of Whitelines Cloth/Tyg/Tuch/Tissu books

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WL189 HBCGA4L_surface2_web

It may come as a surprise but Whitelines® has produced something that looks like a classic. With hard cover and linen cloth this book looks similar to many others on the outside but differ of course on the inside. Whitelines® Hard Bound Cloth books comes with orange and gray covers, with orange marker ribbons and in… Read more »

White paper on Whitelines

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Fågel_vattenfärg_isometric background

We were proud when two students on the optometry programme at Karolinska Institutet chose to make their exampaper on the case of  Whitelines paper. The name of their work is: Evaluation of reading eye movements and comfort on different paper design. The results of this study suggest a higher comfort and a higher read rate… Read more »

All people has a story to tell

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Just like Whitelines, an iPad magazine called “K Composite Magazine” believes that all people have ideas and a story to tell. The magazine investigates the lives of unknown individuals with the same detailed attention, modern design and photography that is typically reserved for celebrities. A very beautiful and democratic idea. Free download in App Store…. Read more »

New grids from Whitelines@ LAB

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  Whitelines® Lab is a place where we are playing and experimenting with new ideas and concepts towards our goal to profoundly develop the use of pen and paper. In Whitelines® Lab you will sometimes find crazy and never before seen ideas alongside practical grid papers and also more conventional inlays transformed into the Whitelines®… Read more »

To all you fans out there…

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Trough the years (only 5 but still) you have mailed us asking “where can I buy you products?”. Soon we have another answer to that which is on our own website! Keep you creative eyes open or send us an e-mail to get on to the “Tell me when you have opened”- mailinglist. See you… Read more »

News! Black Ocean

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The Black Ocean product line is our top line of exclusive book. It has a nice rubber feeling (almost like skin), flexo binding that lies flat when opened and debossed logo for style, feeling and function. When opend it comes in two settings of colours, orange or blue and in two settings of inlays, Lined-Lined… Read more »