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Organize Pad

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Our first multi subject pad has seen the daylight. We call it Organize. It allows you to organize your notes and hopefully reduces the amount of pads to carry around during one day.

Do the spiral-bound notebooks have built in dividers?

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I recently discovered your products and was interested in purchasing a few of your notebooks, but I had a few questions first.

Do the spiral-bound notebooks have built in dividers? I’m a student and I like to put several subjects in one notebook, but I wasn’t sure if your notebooks had the built-in dividers or not.

Also, what’s the difference between Wire and Hard Wire? I’m trying to decide between purchasing the 160 pages or the 200 pages spiral-bound notebooks and noticed that one said Wire and the other said Hard Wire.

Thanks for creating such an amazing product!


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Hello – 

Love the whitelines products. I had bought a number of wire notebooks and really liked how of them had pre-perforated (is that the word?) that made it very easy to tear out the pages. However, when I got another batch of notebooks recently they were no longer perforated – has whiteline stopped perforating the wire notebooks?



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Does anyone know if the hard bound or perfect bound Whitelines lay flat?

Also, are the wires on the Hard Wire made out of the same material as the regular Wire or are they more sturdy?

I have the Wire notebook right now and I love it but I would like something a little bit sturdier ^_^.



Whitelines adjust to the student wallet

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Different users have different needs. We asked our beloved students what they thought we could do to improve. Two things came out: Price and number of sheets. We took that challenge and have now been able to lower the price on our Wire products! A thing which indeed was more doable as we at the same time decreased the number of sheets from 80 to 70. (Or from 160 pages to 140 pages if you wish.)
It´s more relevant to buy the number of sheets you need than ten extra for no use..!

Good one!