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Unless I missed something I think you should definately offer a perfect bound or wire bound notebook that is bound at the top in the pocket size.  A flexible cover would also be nice.  This would be my ULTIMATE notebook.

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  1. Gabe

    Me too! I constantly need to write quick notes before I forget. Especially promises I make… So I need a true pocket-sized pad – perfect bound preferably. Thoughts?

  2. Gabe

    Oh, OR a side-opening, stitched A7. Equally, if not more, preferable.

  3. Ben Whyall

    I would also like an A7 sized notebook squared. My main use is that I am a cricket umpire and need something for notes that sits in a shirt pocket or similar.

    • Whitelines Anna

      Thank you for telling us!

  4. Max Boronovskis

    Agreed absolutely, the one thing I am missing most here is something I can fit into my shirt pocket when working for quick notes on the go. I am constantly using the littl top spiral bound with a flip type cover. Because I am often either on the phone while using it, trying to do two things at once, on the move or just be very quick the notes are all over the place and hence they clash with the lines. Grid is def my preference.

    Love the products and bought several back from my study year in Lund to give to graphically oriented friends. Stoked to find the online shop.

    • Whitelines Anna

      Thank you Max for your feedback! We are constantly trying to improve our offer and we get so happy when we get e-mail like yours!

  5. Dan

    I would like a black cover pocket notebook. The whitelines paper idea is great. But a subdued pocket version would sell great here in the US.

  6. Paul

    Let me add my wish for a top-bound (ideally wire) true pocket sized notebook. That would be pretty much perfect. Cheers.

  7. Karen

    I would love to see a top wire bound notebook in an A7 pocket size.  

  8. Anna

    Hi Karen! We have a A6 top bound notebook. Look here! Unfortunatley not A7 size (yet)…
    How would you use that size? *curious*
    /Anna Scherp


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